Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mystery Jesus Portrait

I first saw this piece of art over 20 years ago . .  I don't know the artist's name who painted it or drew it, but what is unusual about it is that if you keep looking at it the eyes open . . .

Just today, March 31, 2011 I received a large 18 inch x 24 inch poster of this famous piece of art in the mail from some obscure church . . . the instructions said to use it as a prayer rug, make a prayer on it and ask for anything you want that is useful and  meaningful to have or to be . .  AND then to immediately mail it back in the stamped enclosed self addressed envelope the same day or within 24 hours . . . So they can mail it elsewhere . . . Hell, I put four singles in the envelope and I'll mail it back tomorrow.

I'm not a solver of riddles . . . I did what they asked ( They NEVER asked for a donation ! )
Kept my mouth shut, except for this . . . who the Hell knows . . . One of the prayers I asked for was how in the hell do you spell that Godawful gadly Ghaddaffi's name ? ! !

How about that new film being shot right now in Lybia . . have you heard about it ?

I t's called " BUMMER IN BENGHAZI ", starring , yes, BEN GAZZARA . .